Business Notes

It costs more to attract new customers than to retain the ones you have and ask them for referrals. The reality is that most businesses know this, but are too busy doing business to stay in touch with their customers and donors or to thank them. That’s Gratitude solves this problem and can create an effective communication plan for your business, no matter its size or your industry.


Personalized notes work great for setting your business or organization apart from the competition, especially in an age where there is so much e-mail. Our clients include nonprofit organizations, businesses in the hospitality industry, all types of service providers, jewelers, car dealers, tailors, appliance retailers, realtors, insurance sellers, event companies, medical professionals, financial advisors, consultants, salesmen and online retailers, all of whom understand the value of client/donor relationships and repeat business. So, whether you write your clients once to thank them for a purchase, wish them happy birthday, remind them to come in for a check-up, or ask us to transcribe a friendly “thinking of you” note from time to time, we can help you stand out in a positive way and at an amazingly affordable price.


An individualized direct mail marketing program raises customer satisfaction and lays the groundwork for more business. Birthday cards, holiday cards, reminders about upcoming appointments and service calls, and handwritten notes after a major purchase make your business memorable in a good way. We will work with you to craft a message or series of messages, and a timeline to fit your goals. Once the decisions are made, we handle everything else. We’ll maintain your stationery or work with you to design and print something custom. Our program is turnkey. You reap the benefits, but we do the work.