Following is a list of some of the most often asked questions about our company and its services. Still have a question?
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Who are your clients?

We have consumer and business clients. Our consumer clients include newlyweds, new parents and new grads, and those who have recently lost a loved one. Mothers of the bride or groom hire us as a gift for their newly married children. Our consumer clients are often in high pressure, time-consuming jobs or are in college or graduate school and simply do not have the time to write thank you notes themselves. Our business clients come from a variety of industries. They range from service providers to retailers and consultants to nonprofit organizations, and most often are in industries that value repeat business.


Is your note writing service really a time saver?

We believe it is. All we ask you to do is complete a one-page form and provide contact information to us in one of three electronic formats. Most often, our clients send us a spreadsheet with some requested information, and most usually have a spreadsheet they can add to rather than start from scratch. We use the details you provide to create your messages, then send them to you for approval. The process is similar for our business clients. Once the notes are written, all you need do is seal the notes (unless you request we do this for you) and mail them.


What do you mean by “personalized, handwritten notes?” Are they really personalized?

Yes, they are. We create the text for your notes based on the information provided. Each is handwritten and the envelopes are hand addressed, all by a person. We even keep an eye out to make sure that people who went together on the same gift or who live in the same house don’t get the same message. We might pay more attention to these details than you would if you wrote the notes.


Do you have to create my messages?

No, not at all. We have many clients that want us to create their messages and many others who want to create their own, but have someone else write them for them.


Can I provide my own stationery? What do you do with the extras?

About half of our clients provide their own stationery. We ask that if you do this that you provide a minimum of 15 percent extra to offset writer errors and pen mishaps. Any leftover stationery is returned to you along with your completed project.


How long does it take for your service?

That depends on the service and the quantity. We typically turn most note writing projects around in three weeks or less, but factors such as if you choose a writer by handwriting, go with our first-available writer, or if there are multiple writers assigned to your note project can change that. Our calligraphers like as much notice as they can have since their craft is quite time-consuming. Likewise, we aim to give as much notice as possible to our graphics team whenever you are considering having something custom designed and printed for you. We are happy to give you a more specific idea of how long your project will take when you request a project estimate.


Is your note writing service really anonymous?

Yes. We won’t reveal the names of our note writing clients without their permission and have never done so. We want you to take credit for your notes.


Is it cost effective to custom design and print something?

It can be. A lot depends on what you want and what your quantity needs are. Invitations, announcements, save-the-date cards, postcards, brochures, posters and banners are just some of the items that can be affordably printed in small quantities, and even more so in large.


Can I order your services and not order your note writing service?

Absolutely! That’s Gratitude is unique in that we offer a very specialized service and have done so longer and better than anyone else, but our note writing isn’t our only service. We have customers who come to us for calligraphy, favor items, invitations, or custom-created programs and other items, and who have no interest in thank you notes or our personalized note writing services.


Do you write individual thank you notes for a single gift or job interview?

It’s rare that we are asked to write just one note like for a birthday gift or job interview. When we do get these types of requests, we coordinate the wording with our client, but ask that they entrust us with finding a card that is appropriate for the occasion. Please contact us about your needs, we’ll do what we can to help.


Is there a minimum note writing order for business?

We don’t have minimum orders. What we suggest, especially to our business clients with an ongoing need, is a retainer arrangement based on an average quantity of notes. We encourage new business clients consider a four-month trial agreement so they can get a feel for our process and develop a routine. Of course, the right type and length of business contract depends on the type of business, audience, and business objectives. A retainer is not right for all of our business clients.


Why do you not have prices listed on your website?

We are not selling a product that is the same no matter who purchases it, but rather a personalized service that is unique to each of our clients. Providing us with a few details about the service you are interested in, your quantity needs, and how soon you need the end product, helps us to respond to your particular circumstance with an accurate estimate, often the same day or next. Please complete our quote request form online and we will get back to you with an e-mail estimate. Prefer to talk with someone about our service? We are happy to schedule a phone call to answer your questions.


Are you going to send me e-mails after I request a price quote?

Not unless you request we stay in touch with you after the initial price quote. Know that we will not share your e-mail with anyone.


Can I pay by check?

Absolutely! We accept personal checks and business checks and will discount your order by 3.5 percent if you pay by check rather than credit card. Prefer to pay by credit card? We will e-mail you a payment link that you can pay by credit card or PayPal.


Can I choose my writer by handwriting?

We have a variety of writers on our team. Some of our clients like to choose a writer with handwriting similar to their own. Most prefer to go with our first-available writer, or in the case of a large project, several writers.  


Are you hiring?

We are always happy to receive the resumes of calligraphers and graphic designers for the next time we expand our creative team. Please send an e-mail to to inquire. Our writing team is comprised only of individuals who reside nearby. Turnaround time on writing projects and our quality control process are the two primary reasons. If you live in Baltimore County, Maryland or in an adjacent county and are interested in learning more about writing opportunities with us, please send an e-mail to


What are your hours?

That’s Gratitude does not have a storefront. Our business is an online one serving clients all over the country. Our office hours vary. While you are welcome to call and leave us a message at 443-921-8237, we find e-mail is often the better way to communicate. We are able to provide detailed quotes, pass documents back and forth, share samples and examples, and all without calling too early, too late, or at an inconvenient time. While we enjoy talking with our clients by phone, we find it easier and better for all if we preschedule a call to answer your questions, or in the case of our business clients, talk about your business objectives and how we can best support them.


Frequently Asked Questions