That’s Gratitude is the original thank you note writing service. Founded more than 15 years ago, and written about in newspapers including Newsday, The Baltimore Sun, Miami Herald, Detroit News, Seattle Times, Houston Chronicle, the Oregonian and others over the years, our efficient system is the single best way of saying “thank you” or even “hello” when you neither have the time nor desire to write notes yourself.


Newlyweds use our service to thank wedding guests for gifts and for traveling for their wedding. New parents thank friends and colleagues for teddy bears and savings bonds. Recent grads thank family for money given to buy books or to help pay off college loans. Survivors turn to us following the passing of a loved one to properly express their appreciation to friends and family for their kindness.  Whatever your need, we help you find the words to express your appreciation, and a timely way to convey them.


Every note is handwritten by a person and personalized using information that you provide. Each note gets the time and attention you would give it if you wrote the notes yourself. Unless someone knows your handwriting, they will think you did exactly that!


We write notes in cards and stationery you provide, or we can provide them for you. We carry an assortment of thank you cards, have relationships with a few stationery retailers, or can custom design and print cards and stationery for you at very competitive prices. This is a popular option for businesses wanting a card with their logo on the front or a special offer printed inside, as well as with newlyweds and new parents that want to share a fond memory or precious picture with relatives and friends. We have professional designers on staff. Whatever your tastes, your goals, and your budget, we have you covered.


Our note writing process is simple, quick, personal and easy. Clients complete a one-page event profile form or answer a few key questions for us, and provide other relevant information to us in one of three electronic formats. We use this information to create personalized messages for your notes. You get to approve them before writing commences.


Once finished, we send the completed notes back to you stamped and ready to mail. That way your postmark is local, and your secret is safe. No one ever will suspect you had help – That’s Gratitude.

Note Writing Service